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Consultant | PM


Consultant | PM

Over 16 years of experience in consulting, pre-sales and business development with IBM. He has ICT domain know-how in collaboration, user experience, IoT, Smarter Cities, Smarter Healthcare, and worked with partners and clients in Asia Pacific, including commercial, financial and public sectors. For the last 18 months, he has been deeply involved in helping numerous startups turning their ideas into offerings and MVPs.

Startup Consultant | BD


Startup Consultant | BD

With over 20 years of experience in a vibrant mix of corporate and startup environments, he brings over 10 years of China-based International Education experience to the company. Previously with Allianz & Deloitte (Sydney, Australia), he brings IT and business development expertise with an acute understanding of the startup experience in Asia. He has been involved in various startup & venture capital (VC) communities in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Startup Finance Consultant | BD


Startup Finance Consultant | BD
He has strong domain know-how for ICT in the financial industry, with over 10 years of experience working in the financial industry (Basis Capital, MUFG). For the last 12 months, he has been actively advising startups on preparing the business proposal, financial modelling and preparing for venture capital (VC) pitch.
Delivery Lead | IT Architect, Machine Learning

Dr Shai

Delivery Lead | IT Architect, Machine Learning
He has over 15 years of experience developing mobile and web-based e-commerce solutions for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) customers. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and has ICT domain know-how in the area of healthcare, machine learning, semantic analysis & data-mining, mobile and high-performance computing.

Our Services

We provide a wide array of technology services for Startups and SMEs, from building Minimum Viable Product (MVP), B2C, B2B and O2O solutions. Additionally, we also work with our clients at the forefront of technology, including:

  • Customer experience solution development 
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML)
  • Big data & data analytics
  • Internet of things (IoT)

Below are some of our solutions, in action:


How We Work



We adopt the agile principal and put the minimum viable product (MVP) concept to work. We will do an initial build based on our clients’ design (or ours), create a small prototype to showcase the concept, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). 



Collaborate & Feedback

The client will be the critique, review and tell us what would and would not work for them. Our team will gather these feedback progressively, and also allow our clients to quickly identify changes if required. This is a crucial step for our client, as their business requirement, business model or feedbacks they gathered from users, means the requirement may need to be changed frequently. Our team will try to accommodate the changes where possible.



Continuous Enhancement

The feedback from the previous step will be the basis for us to enhance our deliverable, and allow us to continuously polish and enhance our solution, making it fit for purpose and deliver the business outcome that our clients expect. 

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